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Program Grant

Program Enrichment Grant

CRMS PTSA’s budget includes a line item for grants and gifts to the school. Staff and parents at CRMS may request that a portion of these funds be applied to an expenditure that benefits CRMS students.

How to Request a Grant through CRMS PTSA:

  • Complete the Grant Request Form online.

  • Indicate the specific item (e.g., model number) and cost of the item

  • PTSA will not select an item for the request

  • CRMS PTSA Co-Chairs will submit all grant requests to Principal for approval

  • Once approved by the principal, the Executive Committee reviews the request

  • The Executive Committee provides input and raises questions and concerns before coming to a vote.

  • If the approved gift/grant request exceeds the amount allotted in the CRMS PTSA budget, then a vote will take place at the next PTSA meeting to increase the Gifts and Grants budget line. 

  • Upon approval, the CRMS PTSA Secretary completes the District Gift Form and submits to the School Board and District.

State & District PTSA Gifting Guidelines:

  • PTSA cannot fund equipment for curricular use, but can fund equipment for student/parent/community enrichment. (i.e., PTSA could not fund a camera to teach photography as this equipment is needed to deliver the lesson, but PTSA could fund a camera for an after-school photography club)

  • Donations of equipment cannot be given to a school, only to the district. PTSA may fund equipment for a specific building, but the district must be aware of all gifted equipment for purposes of asset recognition and safety (or maintenance – all maintenance of the equipment will be upheld by the School District); proper documentation must be filed with the district and BOE through the gift policy and form.

  • NYS Educational Law requires that gifting to schools must be documented and presented to the school board. This publicly documents all gifts so that the board and the public are aware of what schools have received so that gifts are used and given appropriately. Completing and filing the Gift Form accomplishes this requirement.

  • Once the equipment has been granted to the school, it is School District property. PTSA has no control over it at that point. For example, MCE PTSA funded extra folding tables at MCE because the PTSA needed more tables for programs like Science Action, Picnic, etc. However, should the School District at any point decide they need those tables at Park Road, they would be allowed to move them. This is not likely to happen, but still possible.

  • A gifting form must be used even if the PTSA gives a gift that is not tangible (e.g., money for an assembly).

  • PTSA does not have to raise funds to support all incoming requests; requests should be reviewed carefully and may need to be prioritized and planned out over several years.

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